5 Things Food Pantries Actually Need

‘Tis the season for giving, so why not give the needy something they really need?

Make a real difference at your local food pantry this year.


Pet Food and Baby Food Supplies

Oftentimes the needy are responsible for entire families, and would rather have baby food than another can of soup. Remember that supplying food pantries and banks with family essentials like dog food and baby food jars is extremely helpful.

A Can Opener
In order to open the bulk of the canned donations the needy receive, it is helpful to package a can opener with your donation so they can actually enjoy the food you provided.


Canned meats, like Spam and tuna, are extremely useful and packed with protein that the beneficiaries of food pantries may be lacking.


Canned fruit and vegetables are always a needed and welcomed item at any food pantry. But did you know that fresh fruit, like clementines and oranges, is also a welcomed donation? They can be a delicious respite from canned foods and are a nice addition to fresh daily deliveries to families in need.



To help dress up the sometimes bland foods that typically get donated to food pantries and food banks, consider donating spices to make that food more customizable and flavorful.