5 Lazy Sunday Must-Haves

Time to mack on some cupcakes and lay back

Decompress this weekend with these ideas for a glorious, lazy Sunday.

Lazy Sunday isn’t just a hilarious digital short from SNL anymore; it’s a way of life. Search “#lazysunday” on social media and watch as hundreds of thousands of photographs of lazy activities pop up. If you’re new to the Lazy Sunday way of life, below are five must-haves to help make it the most relaxing day ever. That is, until your next Lazy Sunday!

1.    French Toast: Start your Lazy Sunday off on a sweet note by whipping up some French toast. It’s easier to execute than pancakes, and makes use of the end of last week’s loaf of bread.

2.    Netflix: You can’t have a Lazy Sunday without a Netflix binge. Current favorites to binge-watch include: Friends, Gilmore Girls, and House of Cards.

3.     Flowers: Since you’ll be inside most of the day, try bringing the outdoors in by ordering a beautiful flower arrangement! You’ll be set for the week.

4.     Crockpot: Break out the crockpot for a dinner that is as easy to prepare as it is delicious. Add the ingredients to the pot in the morning and let it cook until dinnertime. You’ll get to enjoy the aromas all day!

5.      Meditation: Take your Lazy Sunday to a whole new relaxing level by setting aside some time to meditate. I use and love a meditation app called Headspace. It has awesome guided meditations and is especially great for beginners!

Katie Brown is a blogger at 5th & Hollyhock by BloomNation.


Flowers by Coleen’s Flower Shop of Boston, MA