5 Foods That Would Keep You Alive in ‘The Hunger Games’

We wish we could have given these foods to Katniss
The Hunger Games

Make these snacks to get pumped up for the premiere!

There’s a reason they call it The Hunger Games. While the fictional game takes place in an arena where participants must fight to stay alive, one of the largest struggles in The Hunger Games is staying hydrated and fed. In Katniss’ first Hunger Games, she searches desperately for water for two days and almost dies of dehydration.

“My advice is don't ignore the survival skills,” Atala, the head trainer for The Hunger Games, said.  “Everybody wants to grab a sword, but most of you will die from natural causes.”

Though The Hunger Games is fictional, the concept of surviving the apocalypse is one that many people feel the need to prepare for. Use our list of survival foods to start preparing for the end of the world, or to simply get excited for final installment of The Hunger Games, which premieres on November 20.

To help pump you up for the premiere, we’ve listed the five foods to keep you alive if you were ever selected to participate in the games, or if you volunteered as tribute!

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is essentially dried meat, which has been used as a survival food for hundreds of years. It’s easily potable, can be stored for long periods of time, and can be made in the middle of a Hunger Games arena if necessary. 


If you’re near a body of water, like in the 75thHunger Games, make simple hooks out of anything you can find or spear your own fish using an arrow head, string, and a stick. Dig up a worm as bait to catch fresh fish, which is filled with protein and low in bad fats.


Easily transportable, nuts are high in protein, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. It’s important to get unsalted nuts, because adding salty foods to your diet will only dehydrate you further.

Peanut Butter

This is one item that should be in the cornucopia next to the bow and arrows. Peanut butter is incredibly high in protein and is filled with essential fatty acids. An individual can get the majority of their daily calories needed for survival off of a few tablespoons of peanut butter.

Sea Vegetables

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This survival food can be found in any situation where there is water available. Sea vegetables, including kelp, kombu, wakame, and nori, help boost immunity, heal wounds, and are considered superfoods. Filled with minerals, these seaweeds are a critical component to surviving any Hunger Games scenario.