5 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2' Characters (Slideshow)

In anticipation of the movie, we rounded up a cast of food characters good enough to eat!


In the Animal Food Jungle, there is no shortage of surprising creative good animals. The Wild Buffaloaf is a play off mom’s meatloaf, complete with ketchup fur and crunchy onion horns. 


Possibly the most anatomically creative animal in the Food Animal Jungle is the Shrimpanzee. Comprised of three shrimps, this fishy critter may look like a great appetizer but has all of the acrobatic qualities of a chimpanzee!


Though this is admittedly a pretty easy interpretation, this wide-eyed berry has already captured our hearts. After all, when it is scared it "jellies’" itself — how disgustingly sweet!


What could be cuter than a baby elephant basking in a river? A baby elephant shaped like a watermelon with little seed eyes! You’ll never be able to eat a watermelon the same way again.


A slab of butter on a bread lily pad that croaks "butter" is flat-out adorable. A slab of butter on a bread lily pad that croaks "Parkay" when melted by the Mosquitoast? Genius.