4 Times Food Restored Your Faith In Humanity

True Generosity

These YouTube "pranksters" went around town posing as needy homeless people asking seemingly well-off folks if they could spare some food, only to be met with resounding nos. Then they gave an actual homeless man a free meal. When another "prankster" asked that homeless man to share his food, he did so without hesitation.

A Great Tip

When these two do-gooders' charity donations were returned to them, they decided to tip fast-food workers, very generously, for their service. All of the recipients were extremely thankful, but wait until you get to the last fast-food employee. What she does with her tip will make you cry.

A New Car

Shirley Ratliff, a local bagel shop employee, was saving to get a car so she didn't have to take three buses to get to work...until she was diagnosed with cancer. Her regular customers, who consider themselves a party of the "Shirley Fan Club," banded together and raised enough money to buy her a used car. Her reaction? Priceless.

A Drive-Thru Gesture

An anonymous man paid it forward to 88 unsuspecting Chick- fil-A customers on a random Monday morning. Why? "Because Monday's are hard on everyone."