4 Reasons Why We Don't Need Caffeinated Water In Our Lives

I have recently been made aware that caffeinated water is the latest health trend: Apparently coconut water's days in the spotlight are over. Some of those seemingly standard, overpriced, bottles of water are now packed full of caffeine (typically containing the same amount as in a cup of tea). Here are four reasons why I believe that this latest drink-industry creation really is a confusing and unnatural waste of everybody's time:

1. Water should be a natural, hydrating liquid.

We are all aware that there is a certain volume of water that we should drink every day, and that water is an essential life-source. Adulterating it by infusing it with caffeine suddenly transforms this most natural of drinks into an unnatural substance that could have a negative effect on our bodies, rather than performing the simple, but vital job that regular water does.

2. We love coffee.

Either the companies creating caffeinated water want us to consume more caffeine, which would be unhealthy and unhelpful (and would mean that I would definitely never be able to get to sleep), or they are suggesting that we swap our coffee for a bottle of water. But really, we love coffee, and are not willing to swap this delicious drink for yet another sip of water.

3. We love tea.

Rather than a warming cup of tea, or a chilled iced tea, why not drink a bottle of water? Well, because we already have to drink so much water that we actually do enjoy occasionally drinking tea. Please let us consume our caffeine in a drink that isn't water to make our lives slightly more exciting

4. Refreshing caffeinated drinks already exist.

It could be argued that caffeinated water is perfect for summer as it will refresh us and wake us up, but actually we already have a solution for that. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be incredibly sad if all my summertime iced coffee and tea consumption was swapped for a bottle of neutral-tasting, caffeine-infused water.