25 Easter Eggs that Look Like Celebrities (Slideshow)

Because, really, what can’t be star studded?


The oval office has taken on an entirely new meaning. Our “egg-head” president should get this for the famous White House Egg Roll!

Lady Gaga

You’ll go gaga for this this Mother Monster Easter egg. Lamouranne even nailed her eccentric outfits.

Kid Rock

The bad boy of Southern rap/rock may lose a little bit of street cred with this egg-likeness. But we totally love the details on this one, even the egg version of Kid Rock has that signature hat. 

The Beatles

To honor the passing of two members of the iconic The Beatles, Lamourrane created these statuesque replicas.

Steve Jobs

One of the fathers of modern technology probably never dreamed that he’d live on in painted egg form. We love that iPhone background, what a great touch (ha, get it?)!


Hollywood super-couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are immortalized on the red carpet as eggs. We can’t get over how that Brad one is so spot on...

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Not only is the famous Jersey boy present, his entire band is represented. Aren’t those mini instruments adorable?

America’s Got Talent

The judges never looked so good! Sharon Osbourne’s gorgeous green eyes were perfect captures, along with Nick Cannon’s style, Howard Stern’s tinted glasses, and Howie Mandel's perfectly bald head!

All in the Family

Archie, Edith, Gloria and Meat Head are all here! Putting Archie in his iconic char is an excellent touch.


If you see this CeeLo driving round town, run for the hills. But in all seriousness, where is his fluffy white cat?

Dolly Parton

Her big hair and her, uh, big assets intact, Dolly Parton looks like she could croon us a tune even in her egg form!

Dave Letterman

Dave Letterman shouldn’t stress about his retirement. Not only does he have countless seasons full of amazing guests and jokes, he also leaves behind an egg-scellent legacy.

Duck Dynasty

We wonder how these controversial country boys would feel about becoming Easter eggs?

Dr. Phil

This perfect depiction of the TV shrink is so dead-on, we almost want to confess our deepest secrets to it...

The Eagles

Check us into the Hotel California and just Take It Easy, these incredible egg replicas are a fantastic representation of this incredible California-rock band.

Elton John

You cannot miss this flashy Easter egg any more than you can miss the real thing! Just look at that amazing piano and those perfectly painted sunglass... it is Elton John to a T!

Eddie Murphy

Complete with his animated counterpart, this comedian looks good in Easter egg. 

Ellen DeGeneres

If Ellen were to ever transform into an egg in real life, this is exactly what it would look it. Really, the similarities are uncanny! 

The Hangover Crew

We actually laughed out loud when we saw this one. It even has a Mike Tyson and tiger likeness! What more could you want?

Gene Simmons

Whether you prefer his Demon alter ego or plain old Gene Simmons himself, there is something for you. KISS has everything from action figures to branded beach towels, why not an Easter egg too?


Come on and Vogue! This classic Madonna likeness captured not only her outfit but her luscious eyelashes as well! 

Miley Cyrus

This Easter egg is so perfect we expect it to break out into a twerk session at any moment!

Steven Tyler

Those lips, we can’t even. This soulful rocker’s essence is nicely summed up in this artistic Easter egg.

The Rolling Stones

We hate to say it, but Mick Jagger’s looks significantly improve when in Easter egg form.

Willie Nelson

Because really, what is a celebrity egg collection without Willie Nelson? We are digging the details that include his braided pigtails and red bandana.