25 Best Wedding Photographers In America (Slideshow)

25. Michelle March

Miami based photographer Michelle March offers both vibrantly romantic photographs and cinematography. Teaming up with her videographer husband, Michael, makes her one of the most boutique full service wedding vendors in the US. Her work has been featured in top wedding blogs and magazines including The Knot and Southern Weddings.

24. Laura Murray

 Laura Murray's soft colors and intimate compositions have garnered her global recognition, recently photographing Tony award nominee Annaleigh Ashford's wedding in the mountains.This Colorado based photographer and former Bronco's cheerleader is often published in top wedding blogs and magazines, and was recently named one of Martha Stewart's Top Wedding Photographers.  

23. Rylee Hitchner

Rylee Hitchner's images can be seen featured in online wedding publications across the web. The deeply warm toned palette and softness of Hitchner's photographs make her work feel reminiscent of a Dega painting. She has photographed weddings all over the globe but celebrated her own DIY wedding at home in her parents backyard. 

22. Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom is one of the most inspired wedding photographers in the industry. Named Best of the Best by Junebug Weddings four years in a row and one of American Photo Magazines Top Ten Photographers in 2012, Jeff's passion for life and the art of capturing every beautiful moment it has to offer is evident in his work.

21. Belathée Photography

Belathée Photography consists of two bi-coastal beauties, Annabel who photographs primarily in New York, and Dorothée who is located in Seattle. Recently named one of Martha Stewart's Top Wedding Photographers and published in prominent wedding publications, these ladies have a great sense for editorial style photographs, inspiring imagery, and gorgeously composed works of art. 

20. Corbin Gurkin

Published in print and in prominent online wedding publications, Corbin Gurkin is a part of a new class of photographer. Equally talented in both photojournalistic style images and expressive images, Gurkin's beautifully colored wedding work glows with real life moments and candid emotions. 

19. Tanja Lippert

Former model Tanja Lippert  is not your average wedding photographer   her quirky personality makes her couples feel at ease, creating genuine emotion in her work. Her passionate poses, creative compositions, and editorial prowess make her one of the most visionary internationally known photographers.

18. Meg Smith

Meg Smith has been featured in wedding publications all over the world, but most notably in Vogue magazine as the photographer Anne Hathaway's wedding day images. Featured as one of Martha Stewart's Top Wedding Photographers, Smith is well known for her gorgeously captured candid moments and cleverly composed detail shots.

17. Ryan Ray

Located in Texas, this southern gentleman has taken all the warmth of the south and added it to his photographs. Since being listed as one of the most sought after wedding photographers by Rangefinder magazine in 2012, Ryan Ray has taken his talents all over the United States.  

16. Aaron Delesie

Having just recently been named one of Martha Stewart's Top Wedding Photographers, while simultaneously receiving the cover shot and a multi-page spread of the soulful John Legend's nuptials, Aaron Delesie is undoubtedly one of the most talented wedding photographers in the profession.  

15. Bryce Covey

You can find Bryce Covey's brilliant work showcased in some of the most prestigious wedding publications in the world. His eye for breathtaking composition and emotionally charged images elevates his work to more than wedding photography   he creates art.   

14. Christian Oth Studios

Critically acclaimed Christian Oth Studios based out of New York is known for their artfully composed imagery. Currently consisting of eight photographers including the immensely talented Christian Oth, this studio is often published in top magazines including Grace Ormonde, Martha Stewart, and The Knot just to name a few.

13. Laura Gordon

Laura Gordon has a gift for creating art through wedding photography. Her compositions during formals equally match her skills when capturing the candid moments of the day, making her one of the most well-rounded photographers in the industry. Though based out of Virginia, she is available for travel worldwide. 

12. Erich Mcvey

If you are looking for your heart to skip a beat, look no further than the work of Erich Mcvey. This Oregon-based film photographer's images are something straight out of a scenic storybook, and his long list of accolades proves that the industry agrees.

11. Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star is popular in the industry for her bubbly personality, fashion style posing, and openness about her journey into photography. Although being an inspiration to aspiring photographers is what she is best known for, she has been featured in top wedding publications around the world and has been profiled by Rangefinder magazine.

10. Hunter Leone

Hunter Leone, also known as Three Nails Photography, has become well known in the industry for his artistic take on wedding photography. Inspired by dramatic poses in fashion, his vision and posing technique have earned him national recognition and the admiration of his fellow photographers.   

9. This Modern Romance

Stephanie Williams, the heart and soul behind This Modern Romance, is one of the leading editorial photographers in the industry. Known for her romantic poses and enchanting compositions, she has been featured in top wedding magazines and has recently written a book on her style and engagement photography techniques.

8. Tec Petaja

Although he is currently known more for his editorial work for Kinfolk magazine, Tec Petaja has moved the wedding world with the stormy blues and golden hues of his images. Recently named one of Martha Stewart's Top Wedding Photographers, Tec has been known to capture the weddings of other top photographers in the industry.   

7. Caroline Tran

Tran's sweet and playful style has marked her one of Rangefinders Top 30 Rising Stars in the wedding industry. Published often in print and online publications, she has become internationally recognized. Her photos are filled with color and so much joy you can almost hear the laughter. 

6. Susan Stripling

Best known for her epic ring photos and lighting techniques, Stripling's unique editorial style has gained her worldwide recognition. This New York based photographer is not shy about sharing her secrets and has become one of the leading educators for other photographers in the industry.  

5. Lisa Lefkowitz

Based out of San Francisco, widely renowned photographer Lisa Lefkowitz has an eye for capturing the most captivating moments of a wedding day. Her images are photojournalistic, yet beautifully composed, not only creating a record of an event, but also seizing the emotions of the day and taking hold of your heart. 

4. Jen Huang

Starting her career in New York, Jen Huang, now working in both New England and California, has made a name for herself by educating other photographers in the art of beautiful photographs. Her style is filled with movement and passion, making her one of the most inspiring photographer's in the US. 

3. KT Merry

 A bi-coastal wedding photographer based out of Miami and California, KT Merry has become well known in the business for her editorial shoots. Named one of the Top 20 Rising Stars in the wedding industry by PDN, her eye for detail and light, makes Merry's photos both timeless and ethereal.    

2. Elizabeth Messina

Messina's images feel as though they are captured moments from the sweetest of dreams. Her soft pastel tones and romance- driven poses make her one of the most sought after photographers in the industry. Often hired for magazine spreads and celebrity weddings, her work has been featured in top publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, and People Magazine.  

1. Jose Villa

Awarded as one of the top 10 best wedding photographers in the world several times over, Jose Villa is known for his artfully styled detail shots and breathtaking poses. His vision of wedding photography has become the new industry standard and his work is a main source of inspiration to many photographers in the field.