2017 Golden Globes Drinking Game

The celebrities will be getting drunk, so you should, too


Drink to get through the Golden Globes; you know you want to.

The 2017 Golden Globes are finally here, set to take place Sunday, Jan. 8. The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is set to take over the world of television and film in Hollywood, laughing it up with all of the world’s biggest celebrities, drinking over a legendary open bar, all while us plebeians have to settle for watching the show at home.

One way to ensure you have the best possible time at your own Golden Globes party is to play a drinking game, of course. The actors and actresses are going to get drunk through the ceremony, so why not join them? Pour yourself something bubbly and strong, and play along with our drinking game.

Take a Drink:

When anyone mentions how bad 2016 was
Have two drinks if they counter it with the fact that movies and TV were amazing
When someone makes a Donald Trump joke
When Jimmy Fallon laughs at his own jokes
When a presenter mentions the Golden Globes’ notorious open bar
When someone is visibly drunk
When someone isn’t there to accept an award
When someone takes a jab at another awards show
Have two drinks if they take a jab at the Oscars
If Transparent wins in the comedy category — it’s a good show but really not that funny

Take a Shot:
When someone mentions that TV is just as good as movies
When someone makes a joke about the 2016 election
Take two shots if there’s a joke about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote
If someone mentions one of the many celebrity divorces last year
When the children from Stranger Things inevitably are adorable onstage

Finish Your Drink:

Whenever someone starts to sing
When the camera cuts to someone’s ex while they’re onstage
When a winner starts to cry
When a winner mentions the state of the world in his or her acceptance speech
If there’s a horrible accent/joke about accents

Finish the Bottle:

If Deadpool wins an award
If La La Land doesn’t win any awards