15 Celebrities' Fast-Food Favorites (Slideshow)

Selena Gomez, Jack In The Box

The 21 and now legal "Come and Get It" singer has been seen getting her Jack in the Box on quite often. The starlet, who has been seen in Jack in the Box drive-thru lines ordering Western Bacon Cheeseburgers and tacos, was all smiles and laughs when blowing out her 21st birthday candles on her Jack in the Box taco cake, with more than a dozen tacos holding up a "21" candle. Gomez's Instagram taco tweet received 255,000 likes on Instagram, 19, 137 retweets, and 12, 626 favorites, with responses like "Save me one!" and "The best cake ever!" The Jack in the Box official Twitter account even tweeted the actress with a Vine thanking her for her taco love, along with an accompanying retweet of her cake with the caption: "When you're ready come eat Tacos. Nananana. RT My cake was... Jack n the box tacos... Yes!" 

Niall Horan, Nando's

Any true One Direction fan knows Irish member Niall Horan's favorite place to grab grub is chicken chain Nando's. The boy band member, who is known in the band for being the self-declared food lover, said if he were a meal he would be "a Peri-Peri chicken wrap from Nando's." During a concert last year, Horan took his time to answer a fan question about his typical order at Nando's, to which he responded, a chicken wrap, a double portion of curly chips, five hot chicken wings, corn on the cob, and a drink. On Twitter, Horan and the Nando account have had some serious banter, catching a ton of attention. Horan has made it a point to declare when he's at Nando's; a picture on Twitter received almost 9,000 retweets and 4,000 favorites! 

Nando's, which has become the largest buyer of South African contemporary art in the world, is notoriously famous for its flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken. Currently, Nando's is making its way to the U.S. in places like Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. 

Nick Jonas, Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

This past summer, Southern food chain Bad Daddy's Burger Bar announced a special limited-time burger creation, named the "Slick Nick" after its  builder and creator, Nick Jonas. The announcement on the chain's Twitter received 163 retweets, but Jonas' tweet about the creation of the burger received 4,000 retweets. The "Slick Nick" burger is a turkey burger on a whole-wheat bun, served with Monterey Jack cheese, jalapeño bacon, fried egg, lettuce, and pickle with a side of slaw and BBQ sauce. Bad Daddy's Burger Bar has four locations in Charlotte, Dilworth, Ballantyne, Birkdale, and in Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and one location in Raleigh. In case you miss the promotion, here's the recipe for the Slick Nick so you can make it at home!

Jenny McCarthy’s Sensual Salad, Carl’s Jr.

Salad has never been dressed so well! Carl's Jr., the fast-food burger chain loved by many celebrities, has debuted another ad featuring another bodacious blonde enjoying her food. This time it isn't super model Heidi Klum chowing down on a burger, but Jenny McCarthy humorously devouring Carl Jr.'s new cranberry apple walnut grilled chicken salad. The salad, which retails for about $5 and is adding some health to the menu, is catching a ton of attention because of McCarthy's hysterical promo video and love for the salad — which she declares is delicious because of all the different textures. The Carl's Jr.'s Twitter account has had a lot of action, receiving and retweeting dozens of tweets about customers loving McCarthy's commercial. Back in April, McCarthy's Instagram announcement that she was Carl's Jr.'s new it-girl  received almost 3,000 likes.


Kim Kardashian, In-N-Out Burger

Back in March, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to dish that her pregnancy cravings had finally kicked in! The reality star, who previously denied any real urges for sweets or junk food, stopped by In-N-Out for a burger and cheese fries. The Instagram photo of the grub included the caption, "Damn!!! I spoke too soon!" The reported 1,000-calorie meal was her "1st pregnancy craving!" and she was definitely "#EnjoyingEveryBite," racking in 391,000 likes

Beyoncé, In-N-Out Burger

Wither it was preparation for Fourth of July feast festivities or an indulgent treat after her concert tour, Queen B gave into her In-N-Out urge. The diva instagrammed a picture (resulting in 285,000 likes) with her In-N-Out setup: a burger and fries along with bubbly served up in a champagne flute. You deserve it, B!


Justin Bieber, Tim Horton’s

Justin Bieber just loves eating, instagramming, and playing with his fast food. The teen heartthrob, who tweeted back in 2010 that "Fast food always hits the spot," to which Katy Perry replied, "Eat your spinach young man!-adopted mother," surely loves Tim Hortons. Along with his numerous tweets about craving Tim Hortons, like: "TIM HORTONS!! I missed you," and "late night McDonald's in Germany. I wish they had a Tim hortons. Lol," the Biebs has several Instagram pictures to match. Bieber's Tim Hortons Instagram picture with the caption "Soooo happy" received 77,000 likes, and his "gift" of Tim Hortons coffee mix received 91,000 likes on Instagram

Miley Cyrus, Sonic

The "We Can't Stop" singer, known for her West Coast fast-food cravings at spots like Carl's Jr. and In-N-Out, recently tweeted a picture of her sipping a Sonic beverage, which received 10,000 retweets and 13,000 favorites. Back in 2012, the fast-food fan posted a picture of her sniffing a brown bag of Carl's Jr. on her Twitter with the caption, "I can't eat it...My mouth is LITERALLY watering," which received more than 4,000 retweets. .

Jessie J., Shake Shack

British "Price Tag" singer Jessie J can't hold back her excitement when it comes to Shake Shack (and we can't blame her!). The star posted a collage of her chowing down on a classic Shake Shack burger with the caption, "Just how it's gotta be! #shakeshack #burger," which received 28,000 likes on Instagram. Just before her collage picture, Jessie posted an Instagram video of her singing to her Shake Shake food, which garnered 23,000 likes. 

Rita Ora, McDonald's

Rita Ora not only loves to wake up and munch on a McDonald's breakfast, but she also likes to play with her food. The British beauty uploaded her Mickey D's breakfast to Twitter and Instagram, which included tons of ketchup and a giant hash brown with the caption, "It's gona be a good day #LA." Her Instagram picture received 48,000 likes. 


Heidi Klum, McDonald's/Carl’s Jr.

As Carl's Jr.'s it-girl before Jenny McCarthy, Heidi Klum sure gets her fast food on despite her model status. Before posting her Twitter picture of her snacking on a McDonald's Big Mac at the American Music Awards, which brought in nearly 200 retweets, the Project Runway host drew much attention with her Carl's Jr. sponsorship. She uploaded pictures on Twitter of her posing with a Carl's Jr. burger, which received 500 favorites, and another Twitter picture of her practicing chowing down on an air burger

Britney Spears, KFC

Early this year, ex-X Factor judge Britney Spears was the source of fast-food giggles when she was spotted making a fast-food run. Now, we can hardly judge when it comes to food, but Spears' timing is hard to defend. The pop princess was spotted picking up a bucket of fried chicken right after coming from a photo shoot for the fitness magazine Shape. Just before Spears hit up the Thousand Oaks, Calif., Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, she tweeted at the magazine: "@Shape Magazine Thanks for the great photo shoot today! It was fun to get all dolled up for the cover!" But instead of documenting her trip to KFC on her social media, Spears instagramed a picture of a shake captioned, "Had a healthy smoothie today at the Shape Magazine cover shoot! My trick to staying in 'Shape!'" that received 34,000 likes.

Harry Styles, Pinkberry

Making his touring time worthwhile in the states, One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles instagrammed his Pinkberry dessert dressed up with strawberries, kiwis, mango, and coconut, which received 663,000 likes.  

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt, Taco Bell

Back in 2008, MTV The Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt became the spokespeople for Taco Bell to help raise awareness for global hunger for World Hunger Relief Week. The couple, who posed for numerous pictures at the Taco Bell drive-thru window, handed out free tacos asking for donations, while socializing with Taco Bell customers and raising $10,000. The publicity stunt gave Taco Bell a ton of buzz after the event ended, since the couple, nicknamed "Speidi," had allegedly not eaten a single full taco themselves. While no longer promoting Taco Bell, the pair has recently been blowing up Twitter with In-N-Out and Five Guys love, bringing in hundreds of retweets and favorites. 

David Beckham, Burger King

The soccer heartthrob made Burger King customers everywhere giggle (and maybe drool) last year with the release of his Burger King promotion video for the chain's strawberry-banana fruit smoothie. Beckham, who is not active on Twitter, spoke his mind on his Facebook page and introduced his Burger King video promotion with the caption, "Check out my new ad for Burger King fruit smoothies, hope you like it." The post received 14,000 likes, 1,200 comments, and more than 2,000 shares. The promotion was part of the reinventing of Burger King's image — the restaurant has been trying to provide healthier options. Since Beckham's promotion video, the smoothie has stayed very much cemented on Burger King's fast-food menu, now more than a year later.