13 Sure Signs You Grew Up In New York City

There's no other place on Earth quite like New York City. Far and away the largest city in the United States, NYC is always bustling. The city is always packed to the brim with residents and tourists and is in many ways the center of American culture (despite being geographically peripheral on the East Coast).

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Thus, growing up in New York brings its own kind of madness to a person. Sure, you may not have had a yard or an apartment big enough for a dog, and you may not know how to drive even well into your adulthood — but you did have Central Park nearby and a student MetroCard that could get you anywhere you needed to go. Why travel when you have the world's best bagels and pizza just a few short train stops away?

Native New Yorkers have street smarts and the strength that people from other places in the country could never even dream about. So get "on line" and bask in the glory you earned by growing up in New York, because your childhood was crazy, but it was special, and here are the 13 sure signs why.