13 Food Tattoos You’ll Want to Steal

Who knew art could be so delicious?
Fun Food Tattoos
These are the true die-hard food lovers.

When it comes to tattoos, no piece is “just ok.” They are either mind-blowing works of art, or they are the worst thing you have ever seen. Tattoos are a way to permanently display your passion, and for those who love the culinary arts, a tattoo of a favorite food is just the way to express it. If you happen to be considering getting a tattoo that displays your love of food, get inspired by these delicious-looking and beautiful tattoos.


Avocado Tattoo


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Food Sleeve


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Fruits & Vegetables Tattoo:


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Fruits Tattoo

Pepper Tattoo


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Phở Tattoo

Garlic Tattoo


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Grapes Tattoo


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Broken-Down Burger Tattoo


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Bone-In Ribeye Tattoo

Doughnut Tattoo


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Ice Cream Cone Tattoo


People with Tattoos Tend to Drink More

Infinite Bacon Tattoo