12 Thanksgiving Cakes We Are Grateful For (Slideshow)

Married and Thankful

When you love the one you are with, it makes sense to acknowledge your bountiful life together. We love this Pink Cake Box three-tiered cake complete with a cornucopia topper.

Mischievous Gratitude

Any pet lover knows that even when your furry friend turns into a tiny terror you are still grateful to have them in your life. This mischievous little puppy cake perfectly captures the playful reason for the thankful season.

Turkey Plea

Inspired by the Debbie Does Cake design, this poor turkey is not meeting his imminent demise with any grace. His adorable sign and goofy face make us almost actually feel guilty for eating him! Almost. 

DIY Turkey Cake

You have to give her props! Melissa Diamond of My Cake School offers Thanksgiving hosts a way to decorate their cakes just like theirs with this amazingly simple tutorial!

Scared Turkey

This poor bird, while artfully crafted, looks unbelievably afraid in this Thanksgiving cake. We can't blame him — we are eating his cousin for dinner and him later for dessert! 

Turkey Pop

If you are too stuffed from turkey dinner to even think about dessert, this adorable pop is for you! Big City Pops pulled off a cute cake pop shaped like a turkey that won't tip the scale too much! 

Kinds of Gratitude

When this couple requested that Sugar Flower Cake Shop whip up a cake worthy of both their wedding and Thanksgiving, we bet they never dreamed of getting the king of all cakes! 

Aw, Nuts!

From the birds in the sky to the squirrels in the trees, we are so thankful that a cake this cute exists! Jacques European Pastries did an excellent job of giving this edible squirrel something to be thankful for. 

Give Thanks

This simple message on a sweet cake is perfect for any Thanksgiving table that is over pie. We love how it looks like a carving on a tree — a beautiful reminder of what the holiday is all about!

Cornucopia Cake

A symbol of Thanksgiving and of a plentiful harvest, this cake is so pretty it could be the centerpiece of your dessert bar this holiday season!

Haystack Holiday

Though we prefer our turkey atop a silver platter, for dessert we will happily take it upon a masterfully crafted haystack. The details in this cake are utterly exquisite and perfectly capture fall and Thanksgiving in one piece.

Pilgrims and Indians

OK, we'll just come out and say it: it looks like these two are up to no good. Whatever they are doing in that teepee, we can appreciate a nod to the first Thanksgiving and the cute craftsmanship.