11 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs Without Dye (Slideshow)

Make Easter just as colorful and even more creative without dye kits

Puffy Paint

Add a little dimension to your Easter eggs with puffy paint. The raised paint is an eggcellent (had to) way to add depth and designs to your eggs in many colors. Puffy paint allows the decorator flexibility and precision in design — two things that dyeing lacks.


Using sharpies to embellish your Easter eggs is neat and easy. You can go all-out and use the colorful or even metallic varieties. For cool sophistication, use the original black Sharpie to draw designs like polka dots, chevron patterns, or even initials for a fun Easter table place setting idea.


Another dye-less way to pretty up eggshells is decoupage. All it takes is selecting the images you would like to use, from magazine pictures to family photos, arranging them on the egg, sticking the pictures on with Modge Podge, and then coating the entire surface with more Modge Podge to finish. 

Glitter Eggs

Glitter is what dreams are made of, so why not put some sparkle on your Easter eggs with glitter and glitter pens. Minimize mess and heighten definition with glitter pens, or use an old paintbrush to apply glue for glitter.  


No time to waste with dyes and paints? Crayons are an extremely easy tool to decorate eggs and you probably already have plenty at home. Plus they come in an endless array of colors to satisfy any egg artist’s needs.


Stencils always come in handy for DIY decorating. You can even make your own, so shapes are customizable for your Easter eggs and theme. You can either trace the shape or paint/color over the stencil, leaving the design on the egg. 

Chalkboard Paint


For super customizable decorations, try painting your hard-boiled eggs withchalkboard paint. Once the paint is on and dry, let the decorating begin with colored chalk for those squiggles and dots. Made a mistake or want a do-over? Just erase the chalk and start again.

Temporary Tattoos

Decorating Easter eggs cannot be any easier than using temporary tattoos. Apply whichever tattoo you like as you would to your own skin ― once in place, dab with a damp paper towel, making sure the whole design sticks, peel back the paper backing and Voila!

Yarn Wrapped

Wrapping your eggs with colored yarn or embroidery floss can make for striped masterpieces. Dabs of glue, yarn or embroidery floss and a little patience can create banded eggs fit for any Easter basket. That’s a wrap.

Silk Dyeing

Kick “dyeing” your Easter eggs up a notch, and try the silk dyeing method. Transfer those beautiful colors and designs from your silk scraps (like old ties) onto your eggs for more elegant Easter decorations. Searching for pretty silk pieces at goodwill stores or around the house could be a warm up for those epic egg hunts on Easter Sunday. 

Embroidered Eggs

Make eggs that are a cut above and try embroidering them for a different look. Stitch patterns to match Easter dinner themes or just show off your embroidering skills. This allows for imagination and creativity, as well as a keepsake to remember the holiday by.