11 Things You Can Do to Improve a 40-Cent Bag of Ramen (Slideshow)

Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it has to taste that way

Add Some Miso Paste

Truthfully, miso paste is pretty expensive. However, a little bit of miso goes a long way, so in the long run you get more bang for your buck. On top of that, miso has a buttery, savory flavor that you can’t really get anywhere else. For example, this miso ramen stir-fry would not taste nearly as good without a good dose of miso. 

Roast Some Vegetables

Instant ramen on its own is anything but nutritious. In fact we’d say it’s pretty nutrient-poor. That’s why adding hearty vegetables is the logical next step. For example, this roasted vegetable ramen soup recipe uses some high-fiber, highly nutritious vegetables like broccoli and carrots to make for the perfect meal for one. 

Add Some Bacon

We think it’s been proven by now that bacon makes literally everything better, so why not put it in your ramen? This bacon and egg ramen takes the best parts of breakfast, and uses it to upgrade your cheap ramen. We could probably eat this every day.

Make a Burger

If ramen is a trendy food, then the ramen burger is the ultra trendy sibling that ramen has always been jealous of. Really, what is more satisfying than a perfectly cooked burger between two ramen buns? This recipe uses sesame oil and soy sauce in the burger itself for a savory bite and totally fancy meal. 

Use a Chinese Classic

Merging cheap ramen with a Chinese take-out favorite adds dimension and flavor. In this case, we are talking about beef and broccoli. This recipe tops instant ramen noodles with classic beef and broccoli. It’s delicious, it’s inexpensive, and we want it. 

Make Pad Thai

Pad Thai is another take-out dish that everyone seems to love, and it’s surprisingly easy to make. And ramen pad Thai is even easier and more delicious. This recipe uses unsweetened peanut butter for a pad Thai that is savory and delicious. 

Make Pizza

Yes, you heard us correctly. We said pizza and we meant it. Ramen pizza uses the same kind of idea as the ramen burger does. Your ramen crust will be everything you ever dreamed your instant ramen would be. Plus, you can top it with pretty much whatever you want. 

Add Some Meatballs

…Teriyaki meatballs to be precise. We do want to keep in touch with ramen’s Asian roots. The meatballs in this recipe are sweet and savory, and the meal is big enough for a dinner party with friends. They never have to know that the ramen is instant.

Make Breakfast

Omelets are the perfect breakfast food for two reasons: they are hearty and filling, and you can put whatever you want in them. And you know what we put in them? Ramen! That’s right, a ramen omelet is the perfect way to incorporate your favorite instant food into your breakfast. 

Add Some Zest

Overall, instant ramen can be pretty one-note when it comes to flavor. Luckily, adding a bit of zest to it is not hard. This lemon chicken ramen soup is light and flavorful, and still relatively inexpensive. Your wallet and your stomach will thank you. 

Think of Korea

Kimchi is a Korean staple, and we can see why. It’s so delicious that we want to put it in everything, so we did! Well, we put it in our ramen, at least. Kimchi ramen stir-fry is super quick, super cheap, and, well, just downright tasty.