Bad Mood Foods from 11 Foods That Put You in a Bad Mood

11 Foods That Put You in a Bad Mood

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Bad Mood Foods

It is possible that even when we think we are making healthy choices, we are eating foods that contribute to bad moods. It is important to take into consideration sugars, omega-6 fatty acids, and additives when choosing our meals. Nuts are obviously more nutritious than potato chips, but salted nuts still have high levels of sodium and, in some cases, may contain MSG. Choosing tea over soda during your three o’clock slump at work is more healthful, but if you have already consumed high levels of caffeine that day, black or green tea can contribute to headaches and irritability. As in all dietary choices, it is best to take the time to be informed about what you put into your body, what kinds of ingredients go into what you consume, and how they will affect you. Eat well, stay healthy, and be happy!