11 Crazy Flavored Lip Balms (Slideshow)

Look what happens when the food industry infiltrates the beauty industry


Pizza is delicious. We can’t argue that. But do we really need the taste of roasted garlic, marinara sauce, and cheese lingering on our lips? This company even admits it sounds gross!

Chunky Monkey

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to slathering banana flavored anything onto your lips 

Corn Dog

Nothing says summer fair like a corn dog. Kissing your sweetie at the top of the Ferris wheel with corn dog breath is one thing. But intentionally flavored lips? That is a whole other matter

French Fry

While this lip balm is currently discontinued, for a brief moment the world had access to french fry lip balm. We aren’t sure why, but we did. 


Because when you want to moisturize your lips, you want your lips to feel and taste like they are burning off too...

Buttered Popcorn

Is it wrong that we sort of get this one? There is nothing quite like the taste of salty, buttered popcorn, but we suppose it is a sensation best left for the movies. 


It is widely accepted that Sriracha can make an appearance in a variety of dishes. But who ever thought that someone would love this spicy sauce so much, they’d want their lips to taste like it too. 

Mac N’ Cheese

With mac n’ cheese being the ultimate comfort food, we can understand why you’d want it handy at all times. Almost. 

Dill Pickle

It is surprising what tastes good with pickle flavoring. Is there anything better tasting than the fry that rests in the pickle juice on your sandwich plate? Carrying it around as a lip balm might not be half bad. 

Cheese Puff

Many people’s junk food guilty pleasure is the questionable cheese puff snack. Who knew it would make for an interesting flavored lip balm?

Nacho Cheese

We just... we can’t... oh heck. This actually exists