11 Crazy Fast Food Tattoos (Slideshow)

These poor folks are branded for life

Logo Loco


Well, that tattoo covers all the bases: McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s. Sure, we get it; you like fast food. But Dairy Queen? Have a little self-respect, sir. 

You Gotta Eat


This is… certainly very detailed. What exactly is on top of those fries? Glue?

That Pizza Hut Life


For many, slinging pies at The Hut is just a summer job, but for one brave employee, it’s a lifestyle. 

The Colonel


The artist has rendered the Colonel a little bloated and red faced here, perhaps as a subtle warning to viewers about the dangers of doubling down. 

KFC Pride


Or perhaps Colonel Sanders is simply notoriously difficult to copy, like a Vermeer or Michelangelo’s David. 

Hipster Fast Food Art


Is that the Hardee’s star? Hipster points for obscurity. 

Truly Loving It


We hope for this guy’s sake that he does indeed always love it, or at least that Mickey Dee’s doesn’t change their slogan anytime soon, leaving him forever branded with an outdated reference. 

Mystical Golden Arches


The location of the McDonald’s logo coupled with the gaseous shape of the clouds are perhaps a little too reminiscent of an embarrassing consequence of one quarter-pounder too many. 



Pro Tip: If you find human teeth in your Big Mac, alert a manger. 

Taco Bell Gang


Let’s give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he has dedicated his life to teaching children the correct spellings of the words “Taco” and “Bell.”  

Artsy KFC


And finally, here’s one last rancid image of the Colonel to haunt your nightmares. 


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