10 Wedding Superstitions Around The World (Slideshow)

When it comes to the traditional Irish wedding, it isn't the four-leaf clover that brings brides all the luck. An old Irish belief is that is if a bride sees a cuckoo or three magpies the morning of her wedding, her marriage will be blessed with good luck. To keep the "evil spirits away" some Irish brides hide miniature bells in their bouquet 

Italian Superstition

Glassware be damned! Well, that is if you're an Italian couple on their wedding day. Newlywed Italians believe that smashing a glass on the floor and the amount of pieces it breaks into will indicate how many years you'll be happily married. 

Japanese Superstition

Mums the word on certain phrases at a Japanese wedding. If you utter the words "kaeru", meaning to go home, or "modoru", meaning to return, you could be cursing the bride. They believe that these phrases will doom a bride to leave her new marital home and force her to return to her parent's home. 

Indian Wedding Superstitions

If you're marrying in the Indian culture, there are quite a few superstitions to be aware of. Before and after the wedding, one has to be very careful about their clumsy habits. Spilling the milk, even letting it boil over, could be a sign of bad fortune to come. Brides-to-be and seven other married women will also make "chana dal" (lentil balls) and send them to the groom's house as a sign that their home will never go hungry. 

Russian Wedding Superstitions

Though May is a popular month to wed in the West, it is considered a rough month to marry in Russia. Also, for all the single ladies in attendance looking to get married, there is a superstition for you too! Secretly tug the tablecloth toward you at dinner and you'll be wed as well according to folklore. 

Argentinian Wedding Superstitions

Some bride's worst fear is a rainy day on her wedding, despite the fact that most cultures believe it is good luck. To prevent rain, Argentinians believe in turning to utensils and eggs. Stick a knife in the ground, make a cross shape in the backyard with salt, and bury an egg to ward off storm clouds. 

English Wedding Superstitions

The English have a very zen-like perspective on weddings. If you happen to find a spider in your wedding dress, resist all urges to squish it. This eight legged critter means good luck in life if sighted on the dress! 

Chinese Wedding Superstitions

In hopes of having a sweet life together, Chinese couples will pass out candy in red wrappers out to their guests for good luck! They also believe in empowering their wedding cake with the ultimate couple, the dragon and the phoenix, instead of a plastic topper. 

Greek Wedding Superstitions

Want to sweeten your union? The Greeks believe tucking a sugar cube into your glove will do the trick!

Polish Wedding Superstitions

Mind the couple's feet if you are attending a Polish wedding. If she is wearing open toed shoes, it is believed that all prosperity will exude right out from over her feet! Also, if the bride is looking to dominate the relationship, superstition says that she will gain it by placing her dress slightly over the groom's shoe.