10 Wedding Details You Didn't Know Mattered (Slideshow)

Sure the morning of your wedding, there is no doubt that your stomach is going to be in a flurry of butterflies. But skipping a meal should be out of the question, especially breakfast. Why does this morning detail matter? Because think about it: you're definitely not going to be eating until late dinner time, and do you really want to be starving all day? What with the you being busy getting married, taking photos, and schmoozing eating between getting ready and getting to party will likely not happen. Plus after slurping down those morning mimosas, you need some sustenance.

You Need a Marriage License

Just because you profess your vows in front of an audience with an officiant doesn't actually make it official. You need a marriage license and in some cases, need to bring it with you on the big day. Check out your state's requirement here!


Sure you and your bridal party are riding in a fancy limo, during the day, but what about when the reception is over? Typically, limo service doesn't hang out all day so make sure that you have transportation ready to go that night. If you are all heading back to a hotel after party, shuttle buses are sometimes available upon request via your hotel!

The Lighting

Sounds silly right, but the lighting can completely change the room and more importantly your pictures. Work with you photographer and the venue space to see if the light can or should be altered. Sometimes venues offer this service, but it is usually at an additional fee.

Post Wedding Decor

If your DIY skills are tight, you probably want to flex them at your wedding.  And you totally should! It is a great way to make sure your personal style is all over your big day. But before you sit down and start crafting, check on your venue's policy for decor. Find out how they want to go about getting it set up, and if you need to take it with you at the end of the night. After all, you don't want to have to worry about transporting DIY vases on your wedding night. 

Accounting for Travel Time

If you are going off location for photos between your ceremony and your reception, take care to keep distance in mind. Getting great photos across town won't be worth it if you can't make it in time for your grand entrance. 

Getting a Day of Coordinator

Sure, you planned all of the events leading up to the big day, but did you have intentions of orchestrating it the day of? Because you shouldn't. It is your wedding day and the biggest thing you should be worrying about is perfecting your dance moves on the floor. If your venue doesn't provide a day-of coordinator, consider looking into a party planner that offers day of service. Your peace of mind will thank you!

Feeding Your Vendors

Make sure that you consider any on-site vendor's meals. A band or DJ especially are going to need a break to eat and it is considered good wedding etiquette to make sure that they do! 

Budget for Gratuities

A lot of people's time and energy go into making your wedding day special. While you're probably already paying through the nose for those services, don't forget that the day of you need an extra cash cushion for tips. Your maître d', your limo drive and your makeup/hair stylist are just some of the folks you need to remember to bring tips for. 

Make the Rounds Together

It may sound silly but when you are saying hello to your guests, make sure that you make the rounds together. Why? It can actually be easy to get separated at your own wedding with excited guests wanting pictures and face time. You don't want to spend your entire wedding away from your new spouse!