10 Ways To Do A Prom Proposal With Food (Slideshow)

Starbucks Order

If you're looking for something simple and cute — stick to Starbucks. When the barista asks for your name, tell him/her it's "PROM?" — because honestly, there's nothing sweeter than a prom invite written on your favorite Frappuccino. 

Candy Bouquet

Maybe you're looking for something more romantic. Try a bouquet of lollipops or candies, tied up in a bow with a cute note attached. Have it delivered, and make sure the candies are all hand selected. After all, details matter. Or steal this cute candy poem to impress your future prom date with your word-smith skills!

Pizza Cookie

Pizza is awesome. Now imagine a pizza made out of cookie dough, sprinkled in chocolate chips, spelling out your invitation to prom. If you're worried about baking your own cookie pizza, they can be special-ordered at your local grocery store. Talk about a "sweet" way to ask your special someone.

Cutie Cookies

If you're all about the details, the fortune cookie invitation could definitely be the answer. Have special messages printed and put into a batch of fortune cookies. Over takeout and Netflix, slip one of the personalized fortune cookies into the bag and you're guaranteed to snag a prom date.


If you're looking for something to "wow" your potential date, try spelling out "prom" in handcrafted sushi rolls. We've even seen plates complete with sparklers and messages written in eel sauce. 

Pretzel Prom

Maybe you're looking to use your culinary skills. How about a soft baked pretzel? We're not talking about the one from your local mall. We're talking about a monstrous, homemade pretzel — shaped like the letters P-R-O-M? All four letters can be connected by dough and sprinkled in salt or cinnamon sugar. Yum.

Pizza Prom

Pizza. I mean, c'mon. Who doesn't like pizza? Now imagine having a pizza show up at your door with the message, "PROM?" spelled out in pepperoni, or peppers, or meatballs. How much better could life possibly get? Can't imagine someone saying "no" to that invite. 

Personalize Snacks

Maybe you've got a little more cash to spend and you're looking for something more intricate. Personalized M&Ms may be the way to go. Personalized messages can be printed on these colorful, tasty candies and may be just the thing you'll need to get your date to say "yes" to prom.

Wing It

There's nothing like a clever pun to impress your date. So why not "wing it" and present your crush with a dozen of their favorite flavored wings with a witty message enclosed? Not only is this entertaining for them, but a creative way to land your "yes" to prom. 

Snapple Fact

Let's be real. The Snapple facts are a driving force in purchasing our afternoon beverage. Not only do we get a refreshing drink, but a bizarre piece of information underneath the cap, labeled a "Snapple fact".  So why not ask your date to prom with their favorite Snapple beverage? Construct a witty message and paste it inside. That's a Snapple fact they'll never forget.