10 Strangest Mountain Dew Flavors Around the World (Slideshow)

Everything you know about this PepsiCo drink is about to change

Grape Flavor — Japan

Grape Flavor — Japan
Give us some of that purple stuff! While Mountain Dew has come out with a few variants in the U.S under the name Pitch Black and Pitch Black 2, the only Mountain Dew soda you’ll find labeled as grape is in various Japanese vending machines around the country!

Johnson City Gold — U.S.

Named after Mountain Dew’s birthplace in Johnson City, Tennessee, this promotional version of the Dew has an interesting down-home taste. This malt flavored beverage is still available in the U.S. in select locations.

Sangria Blast Flavor — Taco Bell Soda Fountains

As part of Taco Bell’s soda fountain expansion, Mountain Dew’s addition to the lineup may be one of the wackiest flavorings yet! Dark red in color and “sangria flavored,” the Sangria Blast is only missing one major upsell point: the alcohol! 

Code Red — US, Germany, and New Zealand

The original lemon-lime soda gets a touch of cherry with this international favorite. Code Red is a Mountain Dew favorite amongst Dew lovers and claims not to stray too far from their original flavor.

Supernova — Finland

Forget champagne supernovas, Mountain Dew already came out with a soda one! This strawberry-melon with a hint on ginseng flavored drink is definitely an interesting twist on the Dew classic. Though it was only briefly a part of the DEWmocracy campaign, it is still enjoyed by the Finnish! 

Voltage — US, New Zealand, and Canada

Known in New Zealand as “Electro Shock,” this blue raspberry flavored soda is “charged with ginseng and raspberry citrus flavor.” As the winner of the DEWmocracy campaign, this super sweet flavor may be a little strange but it is certainly a fan favorite!

Revolution — Discontinued

The skyblue promotional flavor was a wild berry flavored drink that was amped up with ginseng enhancements. This fizzy fun drink didn’t last long on the shelves; however, many wish this uniquely flavored drink would return. 

Livewire — U.S., New Zealand, and Malaysia

What is a Mountain Dew soda without a little zest? This tangerine and orange flavored drink is perfect for those who like a little tang to their soda!

Typhoon — Discontinued

Strawberry-pineapple may be a tropical flavor combination, but it wasn’t breezy enough to stick around. Though many do crave this interesting flavor combination, the only way they can get a taste is through a visit to Taco Bell.

Diet Mountain Dew Ultraviolet — Discontinued

This mysteriously violet colored diet-only soda lived a brief shelf life. Its mixed berry flavor paled in comparison to its Supernova competition in the FanDEWmonium promotion and was shortly discontinued afterward.