10 Saddest Looking Wedding Cakes Ever (Slideshow)

Lincoln Logs

When the bride requested a woodland, ethereal cake she probably wasn't expecting this. This sad cake looks like poorly built Lincoln Logs.

Purple People Eater

Granted, this cake at one time was meant to look like three shiny black tires for an even possibly uglier cake, but this strange cake just sort defines the notion of a sad wedding cake.


Well. This cake is just a sheet of sad. The only way this cake would ever be acceptable is if the happy couple were heading to a gardening expo post nuptials.

Happily Ever After

The glass slipper topper definitely doesn't make it a fairytale wedding cake.

Go Home Cake You’re Drunk

This cake looks like it was celebrating alongside the wedding guests.

Oh What a World

The Wicked Witch of the West melted with more grace than this sad cake.

Hot Mess

Someone attempted to get fancy. They did it wrong.

Beach Disaster

We are fairly certain a tsunami hit this cake.

I Promise

...But do you promise to never bake a cake again?

Love Forever

Hopefully during those three days, someone will teach you how to decorate a cake properly.