10 Reasons We'd Love To Have Lunch With Jennifer Lawrence

There's no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the coolest, smartest, and funniest girls in Hollywood. With her outspoken opinions, hilarious remarks, and obsession with food, lunching with J-Law would make for the best meal of our lives. Here's why: 

  1. Eating is a favorite part of Jennifer's day.

Meeting her for a lunch date would ensure she was in a happy mood, getting things off to a good start.

  1. Her food obsession is as real as ours.

We would not be ashamed to order crazy amounts of pizza and fries, obviously preceded by a long debate about which is the best pizza, and how we like our fries.

  1. We wouldn't be eating anywhere fancy.

This is the girl whose idea of a good meal is a 'chili pizza sandwich.' I don't think we'll be dining anywhere that could make us feel uncomfortable with waiters in black tie and starched tablecloths.

  1. There would be no sharing.

She can eat a whole pizza by herself and so can we. Finally, a girlfriend we can actually eat with, rather than ordering a salad and a sad side of shared fries.

  1. There would be endless laughter.

Lunch would be filled with a never ending reel of silly faces and hilarious remarks. By the time we've finished, our stomachs would hurt from too much food and too much giggling.

  1. We'd drink plenty of red wine.

After all, this is the girl who, when describing her signature scent, simple stated, "I smell like a cabernet."

  1. She wouldn't judge us.

If we spill fries on the floor, get pizza on our top, or have ketchup smeared across our face, it won't matter. This is the celebrity who dropped her mints all over her fellow actors in the midst of a press conference: there's no doubt that she's easily as clumsy as we are.

  1. We wouldn't need to dress up.

She will understand when we turn up in trainers as she can empathize with our fear of falling in high heels, a result of her numerous glamorous tumbles.

  1. We could talk about things that matter.

In between the pizza, fries and wine, there'd be some serious conversations about subjects we really care about like feminism and body image.

  1. We'd have a new best friend.

After eating all that food, drinking too much wine, discussing key life issues, and laughing hysterically, lunch would be over. But our friendship wouldn't be. There's no way we're letting a girl who lists the contents of her purse on the red carpet as predominantly candy, and wishes that her MTV award was edible, is leaving our lunch date without having committed to being our new BFF.