10 Funniest Food Scenes in Football Movies (Slideshow)

Reminisce with these classic football movie food scenes

‘The Game Plan’

The Game Plan,’ starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is more of a family story about father and daughter reuniting. But of course, someone nicknamed "The Rock" is a star athlete on the cherished Boston Rebels football team. While bulking up, he makes his daughter a protein shake —  you know, the kind with raw eggs — and she dances by, pushing the blend button for him. Thoughtful, except she forgot to put the blender lid on. 

‘The Waterboy’

Before Adam Sandler started filling his movies with friends, he was in films that were funny, sharp and entertaining. In ‘The Waterboy’, he plays Bobby Boucher, a water boy who is recruited for a football team. During what is probably one of the most hilarious — and awkward — dinner scenes, his mother and new girlfriend argue back and forth over a meal of baby crocodiles. 

‘Little Giants’

Back in 1994, Rick Moranis and Ed O'Neill starred as brothers in one of those standard underdog child sport movies. Of course, Rick Moranis led the team of underdogs including his daughter, a brain, a wimp and a kid who loved to eat. The kid was too into his peanut butter and jelly to part with it, so he stored it in his helmet. Hilarity ensued. 

'Not Another Teen Movie'

Not Another Teen Movie is a great parody movie, mashing up some of the quintessential mid-90s movies and turning them into farce. And while Ali Larter of ‘Varsity Blues’ may hold the title for sexiest whipped cream bikini, Chris Evans is definitely our favorite for most hilarious. 

The Replacements

A football movie is bound to have some sort of scene featuring players eating massive amounts of food. In the ‘Replacements,’ a movie about a rag tag team of players substituting for the real striking team, the guys discuss food from different nationalities. Namely, how there is no way something like Chinese spare ribs will fill a person up. 

‘Necessary Roughness’

In ‘Necessary Roughness,’ Texas State University's Fightin' Armadillos current players are banned from competing. And so they have to assemble a team of misfit players from scratch. One such player is Andre. After knocking down the coach, he makes sure to tell him that Andre doesn't eat raw meat. Because, you know, he is a vegetarian. 

‘Jerry Maguire’

In the film ‘Jerry Maguire,’ Tom Cruise plays a hot stuff sports agent trying to sign a star quarterback while also trying to maintain some sort of control in his life. While at dinner with single mom Dorothy Boyd, he is serenaded by a Mexican mariachi band while Dorothy takes a phone call. Talk about uncomfortable. 

‘The Longest Yard’

In the game of football, you've always got to protect the McNuggets. At least that is what we hear from Cheeseburger Eddie, one of the prisoners and ball players in ‘The Longest Yard.’ Cheeseburger has a talent for obtaining things for the inmates. One guess of what he supplies. 

‘Silver Linings Playbook’

There are a lot of hilariously awkward scenes in ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ a movie that revolves around one man's unraveling and a family's love and devotion to the Philadelphia Eagles. It is hard to choose just one favorite. However, when Pat and Tiffany go on their first "date," he orders Raisin Bran to prove it's not technically a date. Because, really, who orders Raisin Bran on a date? 

‘Ace Ventura, Pet Detective’

'Ace Ventura' was the hilarious, lovable detective everyone knew in the 90s. He takes off on a series of escapades while trying to find the kidnapped dolphin mascot of the Miami Dolphins football team. And no movie is complete without Jim Carrey making a fool of himself. While at a posh party, he is sure to indulge on seafood while letting everyone, well, see food.