10 Foods You Should Never Let People Eat In Your Car (Slideshow)

Most burgers, especially the fast food kind you'd eat in your car, are über-greasy and very messy. If your travel buddy takes a bite, we are talking irreversible ketchup stains and abandoned pickles lodged in seats. Gross.


No matter how much you or your carpool buddies love your morning cup and need it to wake up, avoid drinking it in the car. While it is true that drowsy driving is dangerous, hot beverages like coffee, when spilled, can distract drivers and cause accidents.

Gummy Candy

Every road trip needs a few snacks, but gummy candies do not make for good traveling fare. Should your buddy drop a gummy on your nylon floor rugs, good luck getting it out; especially if it melts in the hot sun.

Jelly Doughnuts

One bite of these morning commute staples and it is all over. Not only are hands sticky from jelly that leaked out, the color will stain any of your car seat fabrics. Plus, jelly doughnuts are typically covered in powdered sugar, which we all know is the glitter of the food world: it gets everywhere and stays everywhere forever.

French Fries

Shocking, right? Every drive-thru in America offers them for you to plop in the passenger's seat of your car. But if you have leather seats, you may want to rethink those crispy delights. Grease and oil (which are very prominent on the beloved fry) leave a dark discolorations on leather  that are very tough to get out.


Hit one bump, just one teeny-tiny little bump, and soup is flying everywhere. Which really stinks because not only will it ruin your interior, it will totally burn you

and distract you if it flies onto your lap at a scalding hot temperature.


Seriously, no car candy. Why? Just envision pieces of chocolate melting in the crevasses of your car's interior. Picture it staining your upholstery. Picture it basically ruining your ride.


This should go without saying: unless your passenger is literally in a suit of paper towels, do not let him or her eat ribs in your car. Ribs, while delicious, are super messy and are the number one culprit in provoking absent-minded wiping. When the ribs come in, so do sauce stains, inevitably.


Taco Bell runs are always fun, but cleaning the variously sticky, greasy elements of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch from your seats? Not so much.

Ice Cream

Going for an ice cream cone is always a great trip to make, but eat the ice cream at the parlor. Do you really want sticky, dripping ice cream all over your car? Plus if you are driving, how will you keep your hands on the wheel and eye on the road when you're trying to save droplets of ice cream from the cone?