10 Dollhouse Kitchens Barbie Would Kill For (Slideshow)

Do a double-take and look at the most convincing dollhouse kitchens around

Apartment Chic

A vision in teal, this gorgeous setup absolutely captures the essence of a kitchen. The finer details of this kitchen, like the small shelf trinkets and hilarious juxtaposed cats, are what make this kitchen so lovely!

Red Kitchen

With its beautiful red cabinetry and gorgeous matching appliances, we were wondering: Can we have a real-life kitchen like this? Take note of not only the meticulously stocked refrigerator, but the beautifully organized cabinets. 

Vibrant Kitchen

If Barbie were an art student, we are certain her kitchen would look just like this. Not only does it have an amazing amount of detail, it has an impressive table spread with a meal we sort of wish we could eat!

Trendy Kitchen

This room takes a modern approach to design, and we can’t help but admire Elf Miniatures' kitchen. It's sleek appearance and use of accessories. Even the food in this miniature wonder kitchen is perfectly placed. 

Country Kitchen

Make sure you look at this photo twice. After all, Elf Miniatures'  kitchen could easily be mistaken for your childhood kitchen. We love that this setup has all of the accoutrements of a real home and even has a few table setting decorative touches to make you feel like you’re gazing into a real space.

Hanging Out

Wish your dolls had a trendy New York City-esque apartment to lounge in? Prepare to be green with envy. Created by doll enthusiast Emilia Nieminen this Barbie apartment kitchen has all of the essentials to mimic the real thing — there are even essential entertaining tools to keep Barbie’s party going!

Quaint Kitchen

Sometimes, simple is best. We love the clean-cut design of this dollhouse masterpiece, and are completely appreciative of the subtle details, like a hanging calendar and full dish rack on the countertop, that make this kitchen worth pining over. 

Vintage Kitchen

How did that time warp feel as you passed through it? Don’t worry, you aren’t in another dimension, you are simply gazing at a well-executed remake of your parent’s kitchen from 1975 by the amazing Shopping Sherpa.

Perfect Blue

You’d never know that this was a photo of a vintage toy kitchen rather than a photo snapped from days gone by. We are enamored with the adorable teapot and detailed cans in the cabinet!


We think every '60s mod girl just fainted. This gorgeously vibrant set captures the essence of a funky era with time period-appropriate appliances and beautiful supplies.