Salad Fingers from 10 Cool Food Inspired Nail Designs (Slideshow)

10 Cool Food Inspired Nail Designs (Slideshow)

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Never Too Much Glitter

Salad Fingers

Even when it comes to your nails, you can still be healthy! Do up your nails Cobb salad style with Never Too Much Glitter’s inspiring design.


Fries with That?

Maybe you want to indulge in salty, crispy fries but don’t want to face the calories. Burkatron’s french fry designed nails may be the answer to your dreams.  

Did My Nails

Corny Nails

Corn on the cob is one of those quintessential summer meals. Transport yourself right to mid-July with these not-so-corny corns on the cob nails from Did My Nails

Lacq Lustre

Make Your Nails Pop

On a hot day, a frosty, juicy popsicle really hits the spot. Dress up your nails as little popsicles from Lacq Lustre and stay cool, no matter what the temperature.   

Ms. Critique

Flip Them the Burger

Sometimes, a burger is like a blank canvas, able to be loaded with any number of different toppings. Consider your nails to be the blank canvas and burger it up with Ms. Critique’s tutorial.   

Lacq Lustre

Jumpin’ Jelly Beans!

On their own, jelly beans are tiny and adorable. When designed on nails, they are even more adorable and festive.   


Sprinkled Sensation

Cupcakes have really taken off in terms of popularity. It only makes sense that they’d pop up on fingernails. Get trendy and pour some sprinkles on ‘em.   

The Crafty Ninja

Sushi Roll

Oh, sushi. You hold a place in so many hearts with your sticky rice and complex rolls. We honor you by commemorating you on our nails with help from The Crafty Ninja.   

Beauty Mantra

Sweet Citrus

Citrus fruits provide a brightness and freshness to any recipe. When The Beauty Mantra designed them onto nails, they give a fun sense of whimsy and a playful spirit.  

Hello Giggles

Pizza Time

To say most people love pizza is a fair statement. They’ll definitely take notice of your nails if you adorn them with it. Just be careful, since pizza is irresistible!   

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10 Cool Food Inspired Nail Designs (Slideshow)