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Poppy Seed and Mustard Dogs


Pop these into your mouth for a savory, tasty treat.

It’s halftime. You have approximately 12 minutes to settle that grumbling in your stomach with a delicious snack before you have to get back to the game. What’s a quick bite that’s going to satisfy your stomach? Look no further than pigs in a blanket to satisfy your cravings, and keep you energized for the rest of the game.

Pigs in a blanket are a classic American snack. Wrapping meat in dough was a genius idea, but these recipes really outshine the traditional cocktail weenie by adding unexpected ingredients. There are so many delicious ways to change up the basic recipe that combines savory meat and crunchy but fluffy dough. Our 10 amazing ways to make pigs in a blanket cover everything from a vegetarian version to a gluten-free one, so everyone can enjoy this American tradition.


There are various tales explaining the origin of pigs in a blanket. The first written record of them was in Betty Crocker’s Cooking for Kids, which was published in 1957, according to Foodimentary. However, people have been putting meat inside of dough in England since the 1600s. Wherever these delicious, little treats came from, we’re sure glad someone thought of wrapping mini hot dogs in dough for a savory snack. Enjoy our crazy versions of this little snack and serve them to your friends and family members.