10 Adorable Easter Cupcakes (Slideshow)

Your spring sweets just got a whole lot sweeter

Nesting Cupcakes

Nesting just took on a whole new meaning! These sweet nests host iconic Easter candy to make the most adorable birds nest we’ve ever seen. We are pretty sure only the cutest chicks in the world would hatch from here.

Peek-a-boo Bunny

This adorable bunny is ready to play this Easter! The carrot cupcakes are topped with cream cheese frosting and homemade fondant and boast a playful bunny that just can’t hide from us!

Easter Chicks

These adorable Easter treats will really appeal to your peepers. They almost look like dressed up deviled eggs with their bright yellow centers!

Easter Garden

This baker created a magical Easter menagerie and we love them for it. The colorful chocolate cupcakes are flavored with “delicious fluffy wild berries, Swiss meringue buttercream,” and look like they came from a fairy tale tea party!

Bunny Pops

Who could ever resist this creative and cute modern cupcake? We love the push-pop presentation that makes them ideal for Easter baskets and egg hunt party favors!

Easter Baskets

If there was a choice between an Easter basket full of candy or a dozen of these cupcakes we’d take the latter. Creative and authentic looking, these sweet little treats totally belong on your Easter dessert bar

Peter Rabbit

Who knew that vegan cupcakes could be so cute and appetizing? Made from ground sunflower meal, this  Easter cupcake has a yummy spearmint center, "cream cheeze" frosting and is decorated with carob dipped sunflower seeds. 

Bunny Bubble Bath

It ain’t easy being a Peep.


These cupcakes will drive Peter Rabbit wild! If your garden grew like this, wouldn’t you be the happiest person in the world?

Spring Blossoms

Bloom into Easter celebrations with these sensationally spring cupcakes. Not only are they perfect for Easter, they would work wonderfully at a garden party or for afternoon tea!