Enjoying Wine At Home Tastes Better With Opus

Enjoying wine at home just got a little better. Instead of having to pour a bottle of wine and allow time for it to aerate, the folks at soireehome have created something called Opus to save you less time waiting and provide more time enjoying. The unit is designed to chill, aerate, pour and preserve — all with one unique gift set. To get started, you will need the soiree in-bottle wine decanter to aerate one glass of wine at a time, eliminating the need for whole bottle decanting. When secured tightly into the bottle of wine, its unique design allows the wine and oxygen to mix through the glass aeration chamber. The aerated wine is then poured into the glass ready to be enjoyed. If you have opened a bottle and just want to enjoy one glass, the stopair vacuum wine pump doubles as a bottle stopper. Also included in the Opus is the tempour, a stainless steel beverage tool designed to create the optimum temperature from the inside out, ideal for use with white wines.