Enjoy Summer Anytime With Frozen Greek Yogurt Pops

No need to confine your indulgence to summer with these tasty treats. That's because frozen Greek yogurt bars are downright good for you. Maybe not to the extent of being a meal replacement although it sure would be tempting. Most of us will have to be satisfied with Yasso bars as a uniquely healthy dessert indulgence.

Yasso claims the title of being the world's first ever frozen Greek yogurt bars. "First ever" is quite a statement in today's world where it seems like everything has already been tried at least once. But even if it isn't true, I can vouch that Yasso bars are hands down the most seductive frozen dessert out there.

Creamy yet light with a slight tarty tanginess, all 11 flavors are crisp and refreshing without being overly sweet. They taste real because they're made using only real fruits and no artificial sweeteners. An added bonus is that each bar ranges from 80 - 100 calories depending on flavor. While a lot of frozen treats are full of empty calories, these bars are packed with a whopping 6 grams of protein and 15% of your daily RDA of calcium.

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Rather than selling and delivering directly from their site, Yasso helps you locate them in stores nearest you.