Engage in Exciting Activities and Enjoy the Awesome Cuisine in Spain

Engage in Exciting Activities and Enjoy the Awesome Cuisine in Spain

Spain is a magnificent country situated in the southwest side of Europe and it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea at the south and east. It is a great tourist destination and it appeals in summer, spring and winter seasons. Touring in Spain is bound to be very adventurous due to the natural features that the country is blessed with. The glorious features include mountains, beaches, monuments that will blow anyone’s mind away. Below are some of the very exciting things to do once you visit Spain.


Spain is a heaven for sports both in cold and hot seasons. During winters when the snow is out, skiing in the Malaga, Alto Campo and Aramon resorts among others is exciting. Snowboarding is also a sport heavily enjoyed in Spain in many resorts like Sierra Nevada which also offers mountain biking in summers and springs. In the seas and oceans of Spain one can enjoy surfing under the waves, scuba diving and snorkeling. For more adrenaline pumping exploration you can decide to go for parachute jumps which are practiced in many resorts, among which the Rubiha Resorts are very popular. Spain is a country that guarantees fun filled holidays with activities that fit all. The equipment is provided for hire in case one does not have them, classes on different sports are available for beginners and learners.


Spain is a culturally rich nation that embraces festivities that commemorate their history, religion and togetherness. Among the festivities is the ceremony of running with the bulls in Pamplona. This is a spectacular event to watch and participate in. The residents run with the bulls, teasing them and having fun. It is of great importance to be careful in indulging in this event as it might turn dangerous, so keep your distance. The capital of Li Rioja, Logrono, organizes a wine festival for all wine lovers. Grab a cab if near the area and have a taste of different wines made in Spain. The award for the most colorful event goes to the April Fair of Seville which is celebrated every last week of April in the south of Spain. Men dress in colorful costumes of kings, royalties and women are clad in gipsy style flamenco dresses. It is a way to socialize and meet other people.


While in Spain, do not forget to enjoy the shops all over the cities. There are approximately 35,000 shops in las Ramblas, de Gracia, Valencia and many more areas. For jewelry, one can visit the Cordoba area while textile and furniture are mostly found in Catalonia and Valencia respectively.


An exciting activity to indulge in is dining in lavish and exquisite restaurants. You can visit the Madrid fusion, which brings in different cooks who, apart from cooking, display some cooking stunts to the enjoyment of the guests. They say that in Austurianos is the home of ‘real’ Spanish food. It is an area with the best of cooks and recipe makers. Enjoy the fried potatoes, tomato concasse, boletus mushrooms and so many other Spanish delicacies. Other foods to enjoy in Spain include the famous tapas and pintos, octopus, ham meals among others.

Sightseeing is another exciting activity in Spain. Enjoy viewing the Roman ruins, the monasteries, the national parks, beaches and ancient buildings. So why waste more time. Book your flight (in Swedish the term is flygresor)  now and see all these amazing places in Spain with your own eyes, taste to delicious food - you are never going to regret it.