Endangered Key Deer Gets Stuck in Doritos Bag

One deer’s midnight snack took a wrong turn.

Early Sunday morning, two Florida officers found an endangered Key deer caught up in its bag of chips.

At the National Key Deer Refuge in Big Pine Key, Fla., feeding the Key deer is strictly prohibited.

Which perhaps suggests why one Key deer sought to discover the true crunch of Doritos on its own, then proceeded to get its head stuck in the bag.

Early Sunday morning, two Florida deputies spotted the endangered deer on the side of the road, trapped in a Doritos bag. Before assisting the poor thing, Deputy Joshua Gordon snapped a picture on his cellphone. 

“It must have wanted that last chip in the bottom of the bag,” Deputy Becky Herrin told the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Judging by the color of the bag, it seemed to be the Doritos DINAMITA Chile Limon Rolled Flavored Tortilla Chips that grabbed the deer's attention.

The deer fully cooperated with the officers approaching it and removing the bag, then it immediately scampered away. It probably won’t experiment with processed snacks anytime soon.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Key deer count is down to approximately 800.


Maybe it is safer when the humans just feed the animals.