Employees Accuse Owners of New York’s Amy’s Bread of Abuse


It came as a surprise to all of us, but who could have known the abuse came from one of America's best bakeries?

The renowned NYC bakery Amy’s Bread, which was also named number eight on our list of America’s 50 Best Bakeries, has some skeletons coming out of their closet. According to Salon, several of the company’s employees are claiming that they’ve been abused by the management.

Amy’s bread is famous for their hand-made bread, cookies, and cakes. Using traditional methods, all the bread is made and shaped by hand. We tend to forget about the time and work that goes into making a loaf of bread, but the employees sure haven’t.

"We put out work hands on it, our sweat, our time. I’m in pain all the time,” overnight cleaning worker Ana Rico told Salon.

She said she even has to go to the extent of “having to take pills and use creams,” for pain due to the “really hot water” and other physically demanding work.

She also claims that the company isn’t paying any overtime, and they're more worried about getting the work done, rather then when and how.

Another baker, who asked to be unidentified, reported that he threw out his back and became ill due to walking back and forth between the hot oven and cold freezer throughout the day. 

And to really put the icing on the cake, the company might be making false claims that A-list actresses Meg Ryan, Megan Fox, and Whoopi Goldberg are part of their celebrity clientele.


When contacted by Salon, founder Amy Scherber declined to comment.