Emma Stone Bakes Away Anxiety

For Emma Stone, comedy and baking keeps the anxiety away

Emma Stone hasn’t always been the hilarious, laid-back, and cool chick we often see on the big screen. In fact, the 23-year old actress admits to have been a “really anxious kid” and would alleviate her anxiety through comedy. "It gave me a sense of purpose. I wanted to make people laugh,” she stated during Vogue’s July cover interview.

More recently, to calm her nerves while filming ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, Stone has taken on baking—and copious amounts of it. She states, “I think I felt really out of control of my surroundings. I was just baking all the time. There were stacks of things in the kitchen that nobody could possibly go through. It seemed like it made me feel, if I put these in, I'll know what the outcome is. I was over-baking.” Stone isn’t the only one who benefitted from her anxiety baking; luckily the crew of ‘The Amazing Spiderman,’ including boyfriend and co-star Andrew Garfield were stocked with baked goods for days!

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