Emirates Airline Announces New Private Jet Service from Dubai


Citing an increase in business from the Middle East, India, Russia, and China, Emirates Airline announced it is now accepting bookings for a new luxury private jet service operating from Dubai. Passengers can fly from Dubai to nearly anywhere in the world on an Airbus 319 super luxury jet, which seats up to 19. The aircraft boasts ultra-luxurious amenities, such as 10 private en-suite bedrooms — each with a shower spa, a full-height shower, a floor heating system, decorative screen printing on all mirrors and marble trimmings.
"We have seen an increasing demand in the private travel segment, especially in the Middle East and Europe as well as in markets such as India, Russia and China; and with Emirates Executive and the launch of its website, we are looking to tap into this niche market with the high-quality of service and attention to detail associated with Emirates," said Adnan Kazim, Emirates' Divisional Senior VP of Planning, Aero-Political & Industry Affairs. "Emirates Executive elevates the high standards and quality of Emirates that our customers have come to expect, with the flexibility and luxury that can only be offered by a private chartered flight."
The airline feels that customers seeking an upgrade in their flying experience will embrace the new services. In addition to a work area equipped with high-speed Internet, mobile phone connectivity, and video conferencing capabilities, the aircraft has a lounge and a dining room with two large sofas and 42-inch televisions with up to 1,500 channels of on-demand entertainment.
Emirates' new in-flight amenities come on the heels of the Dubai-based interiors contractor Depa announcing that it acquired jet and yacht outfitting specialist Loher Raumexklusiv, in light of an increase in orders from multimillionaires in developing and emerging countries.