Elvis Pez Dispensers Offer Treats For When You're Hungry Tonight

Well, it's-a one for the money, two for the ... Pez? Singer Elvis Presley passed away in 1977, but real fans know that the King of Rock and Roll has never truly left the building. Now his iconic image is available on two distinct Pez candy dispensers, which have been dubbed, "Elvis Pez-Ley dispensers."

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One reflects a slim, 1960s-era post-military Elvis, while a 1970s version features the slightly older, Las Vegas-era King in his signature sunglasses and a white popped jumpsuit collar.

You likely know how Pez works: Load up the dispenser with the tablet-shaped candies, and then flip back the character's head (sorry, Big E) to pop the candy out and enjoy.

Both dispensers are boxed in retro-style packaging and include three Pez candy refills. They're available exclusively from It'Sugar, the largest specialty candy retailer in the world, featuring over 100 retail locations in 27 states. They're $3.99 in the stores, or can be purchased online at itssugar.com for $4.99 apiece.

"We're really excited to bring these Elvis Pez-Ley Pez dispensers to fans in a unique way," said Jeff Rubin, It'Sugar's CEO and founder. In the famously quoted words of Elvis himself, thankyou, thankyouverrahmuch.

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