Ellen DeGeneres Brings The Funny To Michelle Obama's Costco Book Signing

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Comedian and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres can find humor in anything, even a book signing by former first lady Michelle Obama. The two set up a table at a Costco location in what appears to be southern California so Obama could autograph copies of her new memoir "Becoming," and in typical DeGeneres fashion, the comic quickly turned the page to hilarity.

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DeGeneres pulled out a megaphone, because of course she did, and immediately started announcing Obama's presence to Costco shoppers. DeGeneres also decided that even though she didn't write Obama's book, she was going to sign the copies too – in some cases, in bigger print than the author herself.

The jokes and pranks kept escalating from there. DeGeneres hid a liquor flask in a book and accused the former first lady of hiding it. She brought out her own book, the 2011 best-selling biography "Seriously ... I'm Kidding" and began signing copies of it. She pretended that Obama was in the market for foot-fungus medicine and a giant pack of toilet paper. She started to read from a bodice-ripping romance and pretended it was Obama's memoir. All the while, Costco shoppers gawked, laughed, and snapped photos with their phones.

The resulting YouTube video was a typical DeGeneres viral hit, and has been viewed more than 650,000 times in about seven hours.

In perhaps the funniest bit, DeGeneres wheeled over an electronic keyboard and began playing and singing, and encouraging Obama to do the same. But DeGeneres' own made-up song revolved around how while Obama mentioned talk-show host Oprah Winfrey numerous times in the book, she only mentioned DeGeneres once. Not that she's counting, but she totally is. Whether or not you do any book-buying at warehouse-club stores, check into 18 foods you should always buy at Costco.