8 Summer Recipes For The Best Frozen Drinks

Get out of here with your hot cocktails. No more warm saké or steaming spiked cider because, judging from the sweltering heat, summer is most definitely here. And while you can't go wrong with a summer beer, or even a mocktail for goodness sake, we're opting for something that screams warm weather no matter where you are: frozen drinks.

Ice-cold, often fruity, and always refreshing, this is the recipe for a solid summer's day, afternoon, or night. Always fans of throwing a wrench into the traditional, we're suggesting you get creative with these unconventional summer recipes.

Try trading coconut for berries, whiskey for rum, and lemon for a hint of peach. It's been a long winter and you owe yourself a drink, so enjoy the rest of the season by checking out our eight picks for this summer's best cocktail recipes and get blending.

—  Dominique Turek, Lifestyle Mirror

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