8 New Los Angeles Hot Spots to Try in 2012

Try out these new restaurants and bars in the City of Angels
Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

It’s a new year and there are tons of new restaurants and bars around Los Angeles to try in 2012. So make a it a goal to eat out, and book a table at one of these great new places.

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There are a host of variables that combine to make a restaurant's opening hotly anticipated. First and foremost is the chef (and/or owner) — the popularity and reputations of those individuals at the helm can generate buzz around a new venture, or garner bated speculation about it.

Second is location — a restaurant opening in a trendy or up-and-coming neighborhood can foster excitement, as can a restaurant that's opening in a familiar building or landmark.

Third is the hook — this is the "it" factor that piques our general interest, and gets people scrambling to book a reservation before the doors of the restaurant even open — whether it's an innovative dining concept or an acclaimed chef launching a restaurant that features a different cuisine than their signature style.

Whether its a New York City import, like Bagatelle, or a trendy gastropub, like Freddy Smalls Bar & Kitchen, there are new Los Angeles restaurant openings to please all kind of diners.

— Eric Rosen, JustLuxe


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