Eggs for Every Meal


So I have this theory about why eggs are a breakfast food: the original chicken farmer was sleeping soundly after a long day in the field and when a rooster woke him too early, he was so upset that he took revenge by eating the rooster’s unborn children. The farmer, clearly unstable, realized only a fraction of the egg’s potential and doomed us all to a fate filled with unimaginative egg meals—a fate worse than death (in my humble opinion).

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So, it’s time to step out of the breakfast box because this versatile, delicious and inexpensive ingredient can be featured in any meal. Here’s how:

1. Breakfast (obviously)

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Spice it up, literally. Everyone has a favorite egg preparation, so try adding some zing to your dish: beat Sriracha in a bowl with eggs before scrambling, or sprinkle red pepper flakes in the pan while the eggs cook. Also try folding jalapenos into an omelet (the more seeds you leave, the hotter it will be) with cheddar and cilantro.

2. Lunch

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Egg sandwiches are about as easy as any other sandwich and even more delicious. Most sandwich eggs are prepared over easy (for a runny yolk) or over hard (for a cooked yolk). The classic: nestle the egg between toasted bread, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Add avocado if you’re part of the 99% who thinks everything tastes better with avocado. Or take a cue from the French who boast a far more developed egg game: add a fried egg on top of your grilled ham and cheese for a Croque Madame. Delicieux.

3. Dinner

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Baked eggs are easy to make and easy to eat. In the style of either a frittata or a casserole, eggs that you can pop in the oven are an appealing option over that box of mac’ n cheese you had planned … again. Beat eggs then add sautéed veggies like asparagus or onions, cubed bread, cheese or even baked potatoes. It’s a super delicious way to get those much-neglected nutrients and it lasts a couple meals. Eat a slice with salad for dinner, then save the rest for later. Seriously eggcellent.

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