Edzo’s Expands into Chicago

An Evanston, Ill. favorite buys property in Lincoln Park

Inside Edzo's in Evanston

Those who have had a chance to dine at Edzo’s in Evanston, Ill. know it’s not an average burger joint. Though the shop is constantly crowded, owner and chef Eddie Lakin always pays close attention to detail. He cuts and grinds the meat every day to make Edzo’s famous juicy burgers, and he tops the hand-cut, twice cooked French fries in a variety of heavenly ingredients, from bacon and sour cream to truffle salt to chili and cheese.

Edzo’s has been an Evanston favorite since doors opened 2009, but now Chicagoans won’t have to make weekday treks to the suburbs to get their Edzo’s fix. Lakin just announced that he signed a lease at 2218 N. Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park and plans to open a brand new Edzo’s this fall.

“I think the brand is already associated with fun and high quality classic food and a funky, fun setting,” says Lakin. “We’re just hoping to extend that to a different location.”

According to Eater.com, the new location is about the same size as the Evanston shop but with slightly less seating. To accommodate the swarms of customers each day, Eddie says he plans to have about 20 spots at a stand-and-eat counter, several high stools, and a large communal table that will seat about 20. Eddie promises to make only a few tweaks to the menu, so Edzo’s lovers can expect to indulge in their all-time favorite burgers, milkshakes and fries.

What will success look like? According to Eddie Lakin, “So long as we’re able to replicate our quality standards and freshness, I’ll be happy.”