Edulis: Toronto’s Newest Eclectic Eatery

Toronto’s Newest Eclectic Eatery


Tobey Nemeth and Chef Michael Caballo are pulling from all parts of the globe to give Toronto the best dining experience possible. Edulis, their new quaint restaurant on Niagara Street, is serving a variety of dishes inspired by Chef Michael’s

 experiences in Canada, Panama, France, Italy, and Spain. Considering that the word edulis means ‘edible’ in Latin and is used in the scientific name for porcini mushrooms (the pair’s favorite kind), it definitely fit the criteria of becoming the name of their new restaurant.

When it comes to the food, “Chef Michael promises not to top everything with foam,” their website states. But although Chef Michael takes pride in not topping everything with foamy concoctions, the dishes he puts together are definitely in the same ballpark.

The dinner menu consists of a slew of rich dishes such as a veal sweetbread “sausage” with porcini mushrooms, hazelnuts, and watercress; duck breast with foie gras, spinach, birch syrup, and spelt berries; and roasted duck hearts with wild dandelion and bacon vinaigrette. Customers also have the option to “pre-order” before their next visit where they can request the chefs to “truffle anything,” or prepare them a heritage chicken, St. Canut milk-fed piglet, or a whole roasted foie gras.

Aside from the dinner menu, there is also a cheese and dessert menu, a wine and cocktail menu, and a prix-fixe Sunday lunch menu with a salad course, ricotta gnocchi with savoy cabbage, squash purée, breadcrumbs, and sage; a choice of either braised duck or greens for the entrée; and lastly a choice between two dessert dishes.

Edulis is open for Sunday lunch from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and open for dinner Wednesday to Sunday from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Skyler Bouchard is a junior writer at the Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter at @skylerbouchard.