Eddie Huang's 'Fresh Off The Boat' Trailer Released

Season two of Eddie Huang's show Fresh Off the Boat with VICE premieres Sept. 30, promising to show the food-focused underbelly of Detroit, Moscow, Mongolia, Chengdu, Shanghai, and New York.

In the press release, Huang (of New York's Baohaus), talks about "resistance." "As it stands, we live in an oppressive global feudalism where the individual creates and lays its treasures up to the 1% with no other option but to live the life of a digital peasant. Although we have the luxury of watching Breaking Bad from a couch flanked by bowls of Shin Ramyun and Black Forest Gummy Bears, the fact of the matter is that we live in a feudal global economy with slightly better soma and Heisenberg with a hundred and ninety-six faces (countries in the world)," he says.

Of course, the trailer itself shows footage perhaps less poetic and poignant, but still gritty, in much-lauded VICE style. There's plenty of food porn, some footage of the wreckage in Detroit, some scantily clad ladies, a panda, Eddie Huang saying "f*ck you" to Citi Bikes, and Eddie Huang throwing up. That is, of course, just the trimming.

Watch the trailer below, where Huang admits, "I knew that my life was not going to be revolving around a career as a chef." Instead, he says, "The plate has a place as ground zero for understanding and observing the clash of today's civilizations." Watch out for plenty of animal heads.