Eddie Huang Already Signed Up for Book Number 2

His memoir 'Fresh off the Boat' was just released in January, and now comes 'Undercover Brother'

Baohaus' Taiwanese chef (slash TED fellow slash Girls recapper) Eddie Huang has already signed on to write book number two, a month after the release of his first book Fresh off the Boat (which debuted Jan. 29).

Eater tips us off to this latest development, noting that the book (announced on Publishers Marketplace) will tell the story of Undercover Brother, where Huang and his brother go to mainland China "armed only with New York savvy and middle-school Mandarin to become food vendors on the streets of Beijing."


This announcement comes right after the Miami episode of Huang's VICE show dropped; whether a Huang brothers duo of sorts will be featured in future shows has yet to be seen. In the meantime, Publishers Marketplace says it will be a story about an immigrant's identity (an ongoing theme with Huang), where the two brothers reverse their family story and go on "a business adventure in the wild-west of the world's fastest growing economy." The publication date has yet to be announced.