Eatery Expansions

Staff Writer
Eataly and Umami set up shop in new cities


Eataly Expands to D.C. and L.A.: The powerful trio behind New York City's grand Italian marketplace, Mario Batali and Joe and Lidia Bastianich, are planning to open locations of Eataly in D.C. and L.A. by the end of 2012. Joe Bastianich told The Huffington Post that the new spots will be at least as expansive as the New York City location (which currently stands at roughly 40,000-square-feet). As far as which new Eataly should open first goes, that all depends on which city they can secure a site in first. 

Umami Takes On The Big Apple: It looks like New Yorkers will get to enjoy Umami burgers soon enough, as founder Adam Fleischman told Grub Street this week that the L.A.-based chain plans to open in the city by late 2012. He divulged further that the Umami expansion will also extend to Miami, Las Vegas, and Houston.