Gutsy Eataly Eyes New Location In Paris

The Eataly chain of giant Italian markets has done well around the world, and now its owners have set their eyes on a bold new prize and are reportedly scoping out a new location in Paris.

According to The Local, Eataly currently has 28 locations around the world, including outposts in New York, Chicago, Dubai, Tokyo, and more. With all those feathers firmly in its cap, the chain is looking to expand more into Europe next. A new Eataly is opening in Munich this year and another is set to open in London sometime in 2016, but founder Oscar Farinetti says his big goal is Paris, which he says is a little intimidating.

"For me the French are the most competent nation when it comes to food," Farinetti said. "We decided to leave Paris until last because we can't afford to make a mistake there. Entering the French food market is no easy feat."

Succeeding with a large-scale, high-end Italian food market in Paris might be a big stretch, but it looks like they're going for it anyway. Farinetti says a Paris location of Eataly should be expected to open in 2018.