YouTubers Construct Enormous Kit Kat Bar

YouTubers J.P. Lambiase and Julia Goolia baked a gigantic Kit Kat bar for their YouTube channel, Hellthy JunkFood. Dressed as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones in honor of Halloween, the duo attempted to make an enormous Kit Kat bar. Unfortunately, it took two attempts.

Although their first attempt resembled the famous wafer-chocolate bar, the chocolate appeared mottled because they did not temper it. However that was the least of their worries. Once the chocolate hardened it proved extremely hard to break. Julia appeared to struggle to separate the two halves of the thick chocolate bar, even resorting to a knife before finally using sheer strength to separate the two halves.

When it came time to taste it and cut off an actual piece, the chocolate was so thick it dulled the knife. J.P. told the camera, "Guys, it's Halloween and there is nothing scarier than the outcome of this recipe."

For their second attempt, they tempered their chocolate and covered the sides of the pan with chocolate so no wafer would show. Instead of using one thick homemade wafer, Julia lined the pan with little store-bought vanilla wafer sticks. The second attempt resulted in a beautiful, easy-to-cut, even-toned Kit Kat bar that they reported rings in at 13,600 calories per serving. Luckily, snack-sized Kit Kats are one of the 20 healthiest Halloween candies you can eat!