You Won't See Anything Cooler Today Than This Guy Catching Apples In His Mouth

You know what they say about an apple a day

A video showing a boy catching apples in his mouth from various distances and heights has gone viral.

Twitter user Daniel Hartman (@hartmand45) has a unique talent that must be seen to be believed. The Dansville (Michigan) High School boys soccer program alum is an expert at catching full-size apples out of the air — in his mouth.

In a video compilation posted to Twitter, Hartman catches apples thrown from various distances and in various scenarios using his teeth. 

In one scene he can be heard warning “My hands are full” to an off screen friend while carrying a bag and a drink from a Subway restaurant. He still manages to catch the apple effortlessly between his teeth. In another moment, he is seeing using his phone on an elliptical at what appears to be a school gym. “Hey Daniel!” his friend calls to him, tossing him a yellow apple. Daniel looks up just in time and catches it midair, in his mouth. “Hey Daniel, look up!” his friend calls to him again while he sits at his computer. Daniel catches the fruit painlessly.

The more impressive videos in the series feature long distances and heights. In one, Daniel and his friend are standing a significant distance from each other and Hartman has to run through a poorly lit area to catch the apple in his mouth. Somehow, he manages. A fellow student walks by muttering, “In the dark? What?!” Honestly… same.

Hartman is able to catch these apples from a three-point line on a basketball court, off a balcony, while playing ping pong, and even from halfway across a soccer field. Hopefully his teeth are okay! His mother expressed a smiliar concern for his past orthodontia work.

No word on whether or not he eats the apples afterward, but there are shots where he is seen munching, so it looks like the fruit is not going to waste.

Hartman knows that his antics should definitely not be attempted by the inexperienced. In his Twitter bio he articulates, “I am not accountable for anyone’s apple-related injuries.” Yikes!


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